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Plantar Wart

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Plantar warts can make walking difficult, even painful. And without treatment, warts can spread, causing even more discomfort. At Foot Specialists of Memorial, PA in Houston and Katy, Texas, Dr. Jeff Hetman and Dr. Jared Menchin offer comprehensive treatment of plantar warts to get you walking comfortably again. Call today, or use the online booking tool to set up an appointment.

Plantar Wart Q & A

What are plantar warts?

A plantar wart is a hard, grainy growth that usually appears on the bottom of the foot where the most pressure is absorbed. Plantar warts result when the human papillomavirus (HPV) enters the body through small cuts or wounds on the soles of the feet.  

People with weakened immune systems, especially young children and the elderly, may be more susceptible to plantar warts, but anyone is at risk.

There are two common types of plantar warts:

  • Solitary wart: a single wart which may increase in size and develop additional “satellite warts”
  • Mosaic wart: multiple warts clustered together in one area

Mosaic warts can be more challenging to treat, and prompt medical attention is necessary to reduce the spread of plantar warts. Most warts will go away over time, but the discomfort may encourage you to seek treatment to eliminate warts quickly.

What are the symptoms of plantar warts?

Common signs and symptoms of plantar warts include:

  • Small, fleshy, and rough growths on the sole
  • Hard, thick skin
  • Formation of small, clotted blood vessels
  • Pain while walking or standing
  • Tenderness in the sole

Warts may spread with treatment but often go away on their own over time. Warts that continue to spread or cause pain need treatment as soon as possible.

What are the treatment options for plantar warts?

Plantar warts should be diagnosed and treated by an experienced podiatrist. Treatment options include:

  • Prescription wart medications
  • Cryotherapy (freezing warts)
  • Immunotherapy
  • Laser therapies
  • Minor surgery

Home remedies are often ineffective at treating warts, causing them to spread to other areas of the foot. Effective treatment to permanently eliminate them helps to reduce the risk of warts spreading.

Dr. Hetman and Dr. Jared Menchin will evaluate your plantar warts and suggest a treatment based on your needs. Call today, or book an appointment online now for a thorough foot evaluation.