We still accept Blue Cross Blue Shield despite the Memorial Hermann Hospitals no longer being contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield!

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Words from our patients

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    "Absolutely love Dr. Hetman! He is very personable & funny but he seriously understands your pain and your fears."

    Linda M.
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    "Loved Dr. Hetman and his entire staff!! He's friendly, funny and makes the entire visit a delightful experience"

    Tricia C.
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    " Dr. Hetman did a great job in treating my foot and make the whole experience entertaining."

    Patrick K.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Hetman took his time and explained exactly what needed to be done, and what was expected of me."

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    "We have had nothing but excellent service and the staff is friendly, down to earth, and very professional."

    Angie T.
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    Dr. Menchin was very nice and listened to me. He made a recommendation that I was very happy with.

    Cynthia R.
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    No problem with shot. Thanks Dr. Menuhin for not hurting me.

    Kathleen L.
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    Amazing staff! Really friendly and explained the procedures all the way.

    Miriam M.
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    Very pleased with my visits. Dr. Menchin takes his time to fully explain the diagnosis and options. I’m currently dealing with excruciating plantar fasciitis and...

    Clifford C.
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    Very quick, nice and efficient. One of the fastest doctor’s visit I’ve ever had. Everyone in the office is very friendly.

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    The first visit was amazingly easy and quick, your ability to asset and diagnose was very transparent. I thank Dr. Menchin’s staff and special thanks to Jared...

    Paul G.