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Jeff Hetman

DPM, FACFAS - Board-Certified Foot & Ankle Specialist

When I was a child, I had bad feet and so I spent a lot of time at my Uncle Ronnie's podiatry office. This gave me the opportunity to talk with him at length about what he did for a living. He was extremely happy with his profession and said he enjoyed his work because it changed people's lives for the better...


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915 Gessner Road
Suite 460
Houston, TX 77024

Houston, TX Podiatrist
Foot Specialists of Memorial, PA
915 Gessner Road, Suite 460
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 464-3775
Katy, TX Podiatrist
Foot Specicalist Memorial PA
23920 Katy Freeway Suite 550
Katy, TX 77024
(281) 371 3338

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Foot Specialist of Memorial, Inc

Welcome to Foot Specialist of Memorial, Inc

Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery At Foot Specialist of Memorial, Inc, we believe that a doctor and patient become a team for treating an individual's feet. Our physicians spend most of their time listening to understand your concerns and responding with the best treatment options for you. With the help of our professional staff, they also follow up to make sure that generally pain is relieved, problems are resolved and your health improves.

We also want our patients to be informed about podiatric problems such as heel pain and bunions because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being. We also offer treatment for you foot ailments such as custom foot orthotics and more. That is why we've included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with podiatry and podiatric diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your feet.
American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

We also know that convenience in the Houston area is important to your selection of a podiatrist. In these web pages you'll find information about Foot Specialist of Memorial, Inc's office, including our Houston location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to request an appointment. We hope you'll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a physician.